Hello world!

Hello world!  The beginning of a new year always reminds me that we constantly live on the eve and the edge of new beginnings for our lives.  The sad thing is that so many of us we live looking backward in the rear-view mirror of life and miss the eve’s, the edges and the thresholds of new beginnings that a loving God holds out to us simply because He is good and really cares about our hearts.  May this new year be the birthing, the awakening of your deepest hearts desires and may they find nurture, encouragement and release in this new beginning we are all being given.  The deepest core desires of our hearts are those that have been written there by the finger of God, like a master artist painting His good plan deep within us; and the plan of good for our lives is found in those deep and abiding desires that continue so often to haunt and frustrate us because the enemy of our joy and fulfillment is always seeking to deaden and bury those God-given desires and to come against the deep inner longings, dreams and desires we have been created with.

Those desires, those longings are written into our being by the Author of Life so that we might have the soul fuel to move us forward into the fulfillment of our destiny, of His design and purpose for our living.  Let this new year be one of looking forward, rather than backward; one of opening ourselves with courage again to allow God’s breathe to enliven, awaken and deepen the desires that He Himself has placed there for our joy.  After all, the Good News is that Jesus Christ has come to restore, renew, make whole again that which has been broken, shattered, and hidden away under the dark shadows of despair, of pessimism, and of heartbreaking disappointments meant to steal our hope, our hearts and our joy.

May this new year be one of new beginnings, of stepping out of the shadows that have dimmed our longings and desires and dreams with courage, trust and faith that the Author of our story is ready to awaken to vibrant life again, to deepen and to develop those most persistent desires He has imprinted in an indelible way within us.  The journey of desire begins with one trembling, trusting step forward into the light of hope, believing that our desires are the clues and the keys to our path and purpose and calling in this life.  “Good day; sunshine!”  O God, open our inner vision that we may see with better eyes the threshold of hope that lies before us at the beginning of a new year.  Amen.


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